Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5

Do you think you are smarter than a 5th grader? This show is for you. This show hosted by one of my "liked" singer and host Mr Janno Gibbs challenges contestants to outwit 5th grader by answering questions with grade 5 or less level.

Kakasa ka ba sa Grade 5 means, "Are you tough enough for grade 5" is a Philippine version for from an international game show created by Mark Burnett International, the producer of Survivor as an original version from United States.

Rules and general themes courtesy of

Rules are roughly the same as the original US version, down the composition of the classroom (although comparatively smaller) and the theme song. The Philippine version also has the same three "cheats" to help the contestant. There are noted differences however.

The ten questions in each game are categorized into several general subjects based on Philippine primary school curriculum which is also approved by the Department of Education (which also checks the questions for the show). The subjects for the 1st season are:

* English
* Science
* Mathematics
* Filipino
* Sibika at Kultura (Civics and Culture) for Grades 1 to 3 and HEKASI or Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika (Geography, History, and Civics) for Grades 4 and 5
* Edukasyong Pangtahanan (Home Economics)
* M.A.P.E. (Music, Arts and Physical Education)

The subjects for the 2nd season are:

* English
* Science
* Mathematics
* Filipino
* Sibika at Kultura (Civics and Culture) for Grades 1 to 3 and HEKASI or Heograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika (Geography, History, and Civics) for Grades 4 and 5
* Edukasyong Pangtahanan (Home Economics)
* Musika, Sining at Edukasyong Pangkatawan (Music, Arts and P.E.)
* Spelling

Generally, each category is written as "Grade number and subject". Though the show itself is mostly in Filipino, questions are generally in English, except Filipino, Civics, and Home Economics questions which are in Filipino, as these three subjects are all taught in Filipino in most schools in the Philippines. (See Education in the Philippines for further information.)

The Philippine version also uses a slightly similar money board (see table below) to the one used in the US version, except there is no P2,000 level, but instead a P75,000.
Question Values in this version

Another notable difference is when the answer to a question is about to be revealed, Janno does not say this orally to the contestant as his American counterpart Jeff Foxworthy does. Instead, the answer is shown on the "blackboard" facing the contestant and the current classmate. In case the contestant chooses to copy the classmate's response, the answer is revealed first before the classmate's response is shown.

Early teasers for the show present ten classmates, all Grade 5 students. They are "Chey," "Jun," "Shari," "Nikki," "Joshua," "Marianne," "AJ," "Elise," "Kim," and "Camille," with their real names shown in the credits. It can be presumed that half of them appear in one episode at a time, since there are only five desks in the classroom. This first batch has "graduated" and the a new batch has been introduced for the second season. They are "David", "Cyb", "Matt", "Bea", "Kaye", "Pauline", "Louis", "Ram", "Brian" and "Kassel".[1]

Furthermore, when the contestant decides to "drop out" (stop and take the money) or "flunks out" (answers incorrectly), the contestant must profess to the camera, "Hindi ako kakasa sa Grade 5." ("I am not tough enough for Grade 5.") The contestant is then given a trophy shaped like a squash, as if the "kalabasa award," a figurative prize of shame, is literally bestowed upon the contestant as consolation ("kalabasa" is a Filipino term for squash which is also used as a slang for "the not-so bright").

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Witness - Jan 19, 09

My sister hates snakes, infact she is afraid of snakes. I am wondering if she has Ophidiophobia or most commonly called fear of snakes. While watching TV, my sister was sitting on the diet pad where is emits hot temperature and put on the body and so she cannot stop herself looking at the TV where the show is showing snakes which she dislikes very much. Now, my sister cannot help herself watching those eeewweeeee creatures.

Today's episode on I Witness was about the the Batanes's Pit Viper. An endangered species that can only be found in Batanes Philippines. This was hosted by Kara David, a jolly news journalist. She showed there that despite of the Republic Act passed last 2001 that prohibits anyone to catch animals whether endangered or not and to sell it at any amount. Most especially that the snakes they are talking about is endangered. It was tallyed by DENR that it reached for more than on thousand Vipers from Batanes where alreadt exported to other countries for medical purposes. Other buyers are for zoo purposes, etc. Prior to the RA ( Republic Act) when the bill has not been created, there were numerous hunters for vipers and they sell it that cost about 200- 1500 depending on the buyer. Until now, even when RA is implemented, underground transactions are done by few of the hunters and an inside job to the part of the exporter. Clever!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daisy Siete Season 21

20th Season of Daisy Siete, Tinderel is about to end with a newer season coming up entitled: Tarzariray : Ang Amazonang Kikay

Sex Bomb girls will as usual be the cast for the show but Rochelle Panganiban will be the main cast and the focus of the story.

This season will premiere on Monday, January, 19 2009 on its usual time slot right after Eat Bulaga. I am not sure what the story is all about and if you are interested to know ahead, you can google search it.

The casts of the story are:
Weng Ibarra,
Mia Pangyarihan,
Mhyca Bautista,
Monic Icban,
Cynthia Yapchingco,
CheChe Tolentino,
Sunshine Garcia,
Jopay Paguia,
Izzy Trazona,
Edgar Allan Guzman,
Aifha Medina,
Railey Valeroso and
Aleck Bovick

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Im Back!

In some circumstances, it is inevitable that our things and other stuffs or electronic gadgets wont work or even destroyed by no other than ourselves. Sometimes due to accident and sometime old age. In my case it just got busted and did not work. So now I am asking for apology that my blog has been no posts for several weeks since during the past few weeks - that was about Christmas season, my computer just turned off without me doing anything to it. It can be compared to a person who just fainted under the heat of the sun.

Last week, few days after new year, I sent my computer to a computer shop to have a check up and to repair it as well. It took several days because I have no budget.

Now I have my computer back with internet, I can posts again and provide some updates about the GMA show.

Whew I missed a lot!

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