Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mel and Joey

This evening I was watching the show Mel and Joey. Guests ( I cannot mention all because I do not know some of their names): Nadine Samonte, Geneva Cruz, . They were tackling about the year 2009 and possible things that are happening in the next year. As said, the year 2009 is the year of the ox. They are talking about predictions with regards to celebrities, news, politics and akin. Manny Pacqiuao is even mention in the show. Predictions 2009 Special is the title of the week.

Mel and Joey is a show that started last August 4, 2008 preceeded by Partners Mel Tiangco which was originally Mel and Jay. Please visit their Official Website:

Overview taken from their official website:
What do you get when comedy institution Joey de Leon teams up with a woman of substance, Mel Tiangco? Definitely a well-balanced tv show filled with heartwarming stories and zestful discussions that only Mel & Joey can deliver.

The new, impressive duo of Mel and Joey has created a special hour of valuable discussion providing the viewers different perspectives regarding their guests or topic every Sunday.
Mel has been known by the public for her credibility in providing accurate news as one of GMA-7’s top news anchors and once the host of the top-rating drama Magpakailanman. She is a woman of substance and compassion who helps those in need by involving herself in various projects of GMA Kapuso Foundation that delivers genuine service to many of the less privileged in our country.

On the other hand, Joey is a veteran comedian. He is one of the hosts of the longest-running noontime show in television, Eat Bulaga, and has been famous for his hilarious punch lines and humor in other comedy programs. But instead of his usual jests, Joey reveals his not-so-funny side and shares the wisdom he gained from his abounding experiences.

The combination of the personalities of Mel and Joey, who are both recipients of various awards and recognitions in their respective fields, create a distinctive hour of worthwhile discussion.
With successful careers, rich experiences in life and fascinating personalities of its hosts, not to mention its special topics every week, Mel & Joey, the show has become truly interesting to the public’s eye. It has drawn the attention of the viewers from the competition because the chemistry of Mel and Joey is indeed one of a kind in the current scenario of Philippine television.

The interest of the public in this new formidable couple of Sunday talk is reflected in the recent ratings margin over competition.

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Friday, December 19, 2008


A Must See on Monday, December 22, 2008

I got excited tonight to see Lola returned to his original body and identity as Lalo. Unfortunately, he still has the feelings and emotions of Lola. But I think and I believe that he could make it to leave his feelings and move on to become Lalo again. I also excited to see what will happen to the entire show, to the Lobregat and to Lalo himself with Facundo and everything, everyone on the show.

Lalola is one of my favorite show that is being aired at this moment. It is because I found the story unique and interesting including the show being played by the actors done well.


LaLola, stylized as lal♂l♀, is a Philippine romantic dramedy produced and distributed by GMA Network. It is an adaptation of a famous Argentine telenovela. The series premiered on October 13, 2008 starring Rhian Ramos and JC de Vera.


Laugh at the misfortunes of a womanizer and heartbreaker named Lalo, the president of the brewery Distilleria Lobregat and Manila's most eligible bachelor. A kiss from Sera, the vengeful sister of his ex-girlfriend, triggers a spell that traps Lalo in a woman's body. Since only his friend Gary believes his transformation, Lalo has no choice but to pass himself off as someone else.

Lalo enters the company and introduces himself as Lola, his girlfriend. Although lovely and witty, Lola must battle against all odds to prove herself equal to boys and even endure the same kind of harassment and chauvinism Lalo used to inflict on girls.

As if being locked in a woman's body is not enough, Lalo/Lola will realize as days pass that she is becoming more and more effeminate and even finds himself/herself drawn to the irresistible charms of Facundo, the vice president for marketing and public relations of Distilleria Lobregat and the complete opposite of Lalo.

Main cast

* Rhian Ramos as Lolita "Lola" Padilla1
* JC de Vera as Facundo Diaz
* Eddie Garcia as Don Aguirre Lobregat
* Keempee de Leon as Josano "Gary" / "Grace"3 Theodorico Jose
* Marvin Agustin as Gaston Sanvictorres
* Angelika dela Cruz as Sabrina Starr
* Eula Valdez as Susanna Fuentabella vda. Lobregat
* Jackie Lou Blanco as Griselda Lobregat
* Lovi Poe as Julia Fuentabella
* Patricia Ismael as Soledad2
* Marky Cielo† as Billy Lobregat / Anik√≥
* Sheena Halili as Vicky
* Jay-R as Pato
* Gladys Reyes as Iris
* Yul Servo as Matias
* Robert Villar as Boogie

Extended cast

* Say Alonzo as Connie
* Macy Garcia as Keira
* Marco Alcaraz as Hector
* Ruby Rodriguez as Aling Marita
* Krystal Reyes as Che Che
* Rich Asuncion as Nina
* Stef Prescott

Guest cast

* Wendell Ramos as Lazaro "Lalo" Lobregat1
* Iza Calzado as Sera Romina2
* Isabel Granada as Tala Romina
* Melanie Marquez as Garganta
* Ana Capri as Oreng
* Jewel Mische as Ada Romina
* Ian Veneracion as Emilio Lobregat


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Pinoy Record

Pinoy Records is one of the recent GMA Network infotainment show which had its premiere episode on December 8, 2007. It is hosted by basketball player, Chris Tiu, boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao and Sheena Halili as the Segment host.

It has been a year only that this show recieved an award: Nominated, Best Reality Competition Program & Hosts (Manny Pacquiao & Chris Tiu)- 22nd PMPC Star Awards for TV 2008. That is fascinating though I do not watch the show more often. In fact I can only count with my two hands the times I have seen the show.

Though I have not seen much of it, I would just say that Pinoy Records is a good place for other sports minded to see other Filipinos excel in different fields of sports. They show a good opportunity to let us make proud of our very own Filipino athlete. Go! and make us proud of you!

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Kap's Amazing Stories

I like to watch this show by Bong Revilla, Jr. Here we can see different rare actual amazing event caught on tape. So sad to say I cannot watch this show more often because the schedule falls on Sunday and I have others things to do during Sundays. Though it started just a year ago, about , it seems still new for it is being aired weekly basis.

Kap's Amazing Stories is an informative and educational TV program. It began airing on August 19, 2007. The show features clips from National Geographic's Most Amazing and Astonishing Moments, Totally Wild, and truTV's Most Daring. It is hosted by Bong Revilla Jr.

The show uses at least five clips, ranked from five up to one, like Most Amazing and Astonishing Moments does, and this format continues to Totally Wild and Most Daring, even if those two shows don't rank their videos.

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Daisy Siete

Daisy Siete is a daily afternoon drama series topbilled by the SexBomb Girls, an all-girl singing dance group in the Philippines. The show is now on its 20th season entitled 'Tinderella.

The program is produced by FOCUS Entertainment Inc. and aired over GMA Network in the Philippines and internationally on GMA Pinoy TV.

I don't really watch Daisy Siete much often. In fact I have seen this very few times only. I don't watch it because it isn't relevant to my interest and imagination. I included imagination because when I watch some thing on a screen, most often we tend to internalize what we are watching and the show does not fit my imagination at all.

So I will just provide some basic information about the program and provide you with links. Thank you for understanding and wish you enjoy my blog.

more information on

The show started in September 1, 2003 with its first season - episodes, and still running until this very moment. As of now, there are 20 episodes already and the most recent episode they have is the Tinderala where there is a battle between dancers. A dance showdown. I don't know much...


Seasons 2 to 6 were weekly episodes, where the story is not continuous. Seasons 1 and 7-9 followed a soap opera-like approach. The first seasons were light and the real dramatic highlights were provided in Seasons 7 and so forth.

List of season titles:

  • Season 7: May Bukas Pa ang Kahapon
  • Season 8: Tahanan
  • Season 9: Ang Pitong Maria
  • Season 10: Sayaw Ng Puso
  • Season 11: Nasaan Ka?
  • Season 12: Landas
  • Season 13: Moshi, Moshi, Chikiyaki (shot in Tokyo, Japan)
  • Season 14: Siete Siete, Mano Mano
  • Season 15: Isla Chikita
  • Season 16: Tabaching -ching
  • Season 17: Uling-ling
  • Season 18: Prince Charming and the Seven Maids
  • Season 19: Vaklushii
  • Season 20: Tinderella

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Luna Mystica

One of my most watch telefantasya in GMA is Luna Mystica. Ops, don't even think about it! I like watching it because of my curiosity of what would happen to the twin, Luna and Celestina. Though I find it odd that Celestina survived without nurture and feed. I am also curious about the entire story itself so I keep watching it.

Luna Mystika is a fantasy-romance Philippine drama created by R.J. Nuevas, starring Heart Evangelista in the title role, with Mark Anthony Fernandez. The series premiered on November 17, 2008, on GMA Network, replacing Codename: Asero This is the top rating show of GMA 7 after Dyesebel.

In Barrio Mausok where the town folks still believe in the presence of Engkantos. There lives the affluent Sagrado Family, Joaquin and Benita and their two beautiful daughters Alice and Diana. But Diana apparently attracts more suitors than Alice causing the latter to harbour enmity for the favored one.

Surprisingly, regardless of her countless suitors, Diana gives her heart to Simon, a beastly-looking young man with a distorted face feared to have descended from the Engkantos. Soon the news spread about their relationship and Diana's parents try to end their romance. However, it's too late since Diana is already with a child.

During her pregnancy, Diana thinks she will have twins since her tummy is so big. But upon her delivery, only one baby comes out, much to her bewilderment. Unknown to them, aside from the human baby Luna, Diana also gives birth to a baby in the form of a shadow, which turns out to be Celestina.

Main cast

* Heart Evangelista as Luna Sagrado / Celestina
* Mark Anthony Fernandez as Dexter
* Dante Rivero as Joaquin Sagrado
* Chanda Romero as Benita Sagrado
* Sheryl Cruz as Alice Sagrado
* Rita Avila as Diana Sagrado
* Gardo Versoza as Dante
* Iwa Moto as Donita
* Romnick Sarmenta as Dominic
* Luis Alandy as Andoy
* Kris Bernal as Malou
* Aljur Abrenica as Libado

Extended cast

* Ariel Rivera as Simon
* John Lapus as Karya
* Beth Tamayo as Lanie
* Pauleen Luna as Adita
* Michelle Madrigal as Anata
* Hero Angeles as Alguwas
* Mosang as Piryang
* Marky Lopez as Efren
* Bearwin Meily as Bikodong
* Jade Lopez as Susing
* Paulo Avelino as Johnny
* Prince Stefan as Henry
* Jace Flores as Lucas Meneses

Guest cast

* Mark Herras as Kamilo
* Melissa Mendez as Bessie
* Hayden Kho, Jr. as Jonas
* Ces Quesada as Gina

information by
more links:
Official Website:

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When GMA Network bought the rights to Carlo J. Caparas' graphic novel on February 2007, Richard Gutierrez was attached to star. The series was shelved until 2008, but Gutierrez opted to work on his dream project: Codename: Asero. The network decided that they could not longer delay the series and gave the role to Dennis Trillo, over another heavy contender: JC de Vera, who later joined the cast in LaLola.

Director Topel Lee required Trillo to learn three martial arts in preparation for the role: wing chun, judo and kendo - a Japanese martial art of sword-fighting. He also underwent a rigorous training for parkour.

"Gagambino" is the superhero story of a young man named Bino and his adventures with his giant spider as they fight evil forces in a darker, crime-infested re-imagination of Manila. Bino and his group of friends, all possessing insect-like superpowers like him, are pitted against Abresia, a terrorist mastermind and a very powerful woman who can command giant insects.

Main cast[7]

* Dennis Trillo as Gabino "Bino" Bayani / Gagambino
* Raymart Santiago as Dindo
* Polo Ravales as Harold
* Katrina Halili as Lucy Gutierrez / Lady Mantisa
* Nadine Samonte as Celine Lopez
* Isabel Oli as Bernadette Albuento / Alakdanessa
* Glaiza de Castro as Leah Albuento / Super Bee
* Jennica Garcia as Gelay
* Mart Escudero as Noel Albuento
* Jean Garcia as Divina Miguel Lopez / Abresia

Extended cast

* Leo Martinez as Zandro
* Glydel Mercado as Rebecca
* Benjie Paras as Stalin
* Jan Manual as Eldon
* Krissa Mae Arrieta as Krissa
* Macy Garcia as Paris
* January Isaac as Samara
* Roy Alvarez
* Arthur Solinap as Killer
* Michael Roy Jornales

Guest cast

* Zoren Legaspi as Armand
* Bernadette Alyson as Elena Bayani
* John Arcilla as Alejandro Bayani
* Francis Magundayao as young Bino
* Andrew Muhlach as young Harold
* Renz Juan as young Lucy
* Kathleen Palad as young Bernadette
* Alexa Blacad as young Leah

information by:

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Bitoy's Funniest Video

Bitoy's Funniest Videos is a Philippine comedy show aired every Saturday nights on GMA Network hosted by Michael V. (also known as Bitoy), dubbed as the Master of Disguises. It is patterned after America's Funniest Home Videos, Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Girls Behaving Badly.

Yari Ka! (You've Been Fooled!), the main segment of the show, features various disguises of the host pulling off non-offensive pranks to ordinary people. This is usually done by collaborating with the relatives or close friends of the person to be fooled. The show also contains themed segments of complied videos from America's Funniest Home Videos, with the segment entitled America's Funniest Videos. Filipinos can also send their own funny video clips to be shown on the segment Pinoy's Funniest Videos, where the senders of the winning clips are awarded PHP 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 for first place, second place and third place, respectively. The winners are voted upon by the studio audience or chosen by a selected judge in absence of the studio audience. Just For Kikays, abbreviated as "J4K", hosted by Kris Bernal (formerly Jewel Mische, then Ryza Cenon), shows ladies performing pranks to people, particularly men. This segment is patterned after Girls Behaving Badly. Co-hosts Chariz Solomon and "Mang Enriquez" (who impersonates Mike Enriquez) hosts On The Spot Kasabwat (On The Spot Accomplice), a contest where three passers-by are called to do prank challenges. Each is given PHP 3,000 when the challenge is completed. Shocking Siya! (He's Shocking!) features a dwarf person, "Dennis Jimenez", who disguises as any unsuspectible spot or object and shocks people, by revealing himself while yelling "Yari Ka!".

Information by

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24 Oras

24 Oras is the news program that I mostly watch. It is because I am comfortable with this and I find the news reliable and worth listening. The reports presented are always fresh (well everyone or every newscast deliver fresh news update), I mean most of the time they are the one who cover the reports sooner and much faster. I like to watch their most recent updates regarding current events and almost all news related topics.

24 Oras (24 Hours) is a nightly national newscast which airs on the GMA Network in the Philippines. Launched in 2004, it is one of the most watched news programs in the country. The program airs at 6:30 PM PST on Weekdays, and is also simulcast on GMA Pinoy TV. On December 1, 2005, the coverage by 24 Oras of a siege of Camp Bagong Diwa was mentioned in the best news program category in the Asian Television Awards in Singapore.

24 Oras is a news program created by GMA Network and developed by GMA News and Public Affairs; starred by Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco, Pia Guanio with several contributors. The program is produced by Marissa Flores and Jessica Soho premiered March 15, 2004 and still kicking until today.. :D

The show relaunched in May 2006 with a new graphics package, and a new set with floating large rear projection screens that allow the anchors to virtually "talk" to correspondents in live feeds. Pia Guanio hosts the showbiz news segment of the program, "Chika Minute". PAGASA's Nathaniel Cruz anchors weather news during severe weather conditions. Joel Reyes Zobel is the voice over talent.

On August 11, 2008, the show was relaunched again with a new set, a new desk which is similar to the desk used by WNBC's News 4 New York, and new graphics and titles.

read more from

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga is my favorite noon time show. It has been with us many years already. When I was young, I already watch the show and enjoy. It is a surprise that Eat Bulaga is still running as the best noon time ever, in fact it is the longest running show in the world (perhaps).

Here are some information about Eat Bulaga coming from different sources

Eat Bulaga! is a local noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by the Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) of Malou Fagar and Tony Tuviera. The program is the longest-running variety show on Philippine television. It also holds the Philippine record of all-time number of live TV episodes. (Bulaga means "surprise" in Tagalog, although it should not be taken as the literal translation of the word surprise; its closest English equivalent is Peek-a-boo!. Eat is the transliteration of It!, the Tagalog game-slang for "lost (in the game)" and Eat was chosen because the show plays at lunch time) The show is aired on GMA Network at 12pm on Weekdays and on Saturdays. The show is broadcast from TAPE Studios at the Broadway Centrum in Quezon City.

Its history

Eat Bulaga premiered on July 30, 1979 on Radio Philippines Network at Broadcast City, Diliman, Quezon City.

RPN outsourced the idea to TAPE. At that time, comic troika Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon were the most popular movie comedians. They were hired together with Chiqui Hollman and Richie Reyes (a.k.a. Richie d' Horsie) as co-hosts.

The TV program innovated numerous concepts on Philippine television which were later copied by rival TV programs.

In 1989 due to the sequestration of RPN, the show moved to ABS-CBN along with other TAPE-produced shows Agila, Coney Reyes on Camera and Okay Ka Fairy Ko (from IBC) and helped strengthen the network's programming. The premiere telecast of Eat Bulaga at their new home was on February 18, 1989 and for this momentous event, the show was staged at the Araneta Coliseum.

EAT BULAGA Hosts: links to

Tito, Vic and Joey

Julia Clarete

Toni Rose Gayda

Pia Guanio

Pauleen Luna

Lougee Basabas

Ruby Rodriguez

Paolo Ballesteros

Michael V

Wally Bayola

Jose Manalo

Keempee De Leon

Jimmy Santos

BJ Forbes

Allan K

Francis Magalona

Anjo Yllana


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Friday, December 12, 2008

JC - Ultimate Survivor Season 1

Live in GMA 7 awhile ago during Survivor Philippines (time slot) is the last and final tribal council held at GMA studio and it was a remarkable event to all the survivor castaways including the fans and supporters of the show. It was announced in the later part of the show the winner of 3 million pesos to the basket hearthrob, John Carlo "JC" Tiuseco. Even before the tribal councils, I or even we, could somehow guess who would could be the winner between him and Rob.

I also see that Rob is not as worthy as JC, besides of the fact that JC is much more physically fit to hold the title, JC has also the proper characteristics to be the one ultimate survivor.

From me, congratulations JC for winning the challenge. You are worthy to be the winner!

more information from:

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marky Cielo - Deceased

Mark Angelo Cadaweng Cielo (May 12, 1988 - December 7, 2008), better known as Marky Cielo was a Filipino actor and dancer.

Pre-showbiz and Personal life

Cielo grew up in Butuan City, then moved to Mountain Province in 2001. He spoke the Kankanaey, Ilocano, Tagalog and Bisaya languages (precisely Butuanon and Cebuano) fluently. According to his real life story in Magpakailanman, Marky's parents were separated when he and his sister were still young, and then their mother took care of them on her own. He only met his father again after many years.

College life
He is a freshman student in Saint Louis University, Baguio City taking up Architecture before joining Starstruck. He is a member of SLU Dance Troupe. His closed friends are Johnny Mina, Moses Esteban and Frederick Manzano. His father revealed that Marky has plans to go back to school next year but sad to say that he already passed away.

Joining StarStruck
When his classmates and closed friends especially Johnny Mina, Moses Esteban (good bestfriend) and Frederick Manzano convinced Cielo to join StarStruck, he accepted. He won the Ultimate Male Survivor title, and the first Sole Survivor title of Batch 3. He was the first Igorot ever to join that contest. Among Marky's prizes was a house and lot in Antipolo. He and his family lived in his new home.

Showbiz career
After winning StarStruck, Cielo had entered in show business. His first show was Fantastikids which stars Isabella de Leon and B.J. "Tolits" Forbes and then Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas. His two primetime shows in which his two characters were killed off were Bakekang and Asian Treasures. The said network chose Cielo to be a protagonist in the Philippine remake of Uchuu Keiji Shaider as Alexis del Mundo or Shaider but Dennis Trillo and StarStruck Ultimate Hunk Aljur Abrenica were added so the title Shaider was changed to Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan, a spin-off sequel to Metal Heroes in which he portrays Alexis Lorenzo or Zaido Green. He considered his show Zaido as his biggest break. He recently joined the casts of Sine Novela: Kaputol ng Isang Awit which stars Glaiza de Castro, Lovi Poe and Jolo Revilla. He was seen on the commercial of a no-smoking campaign with Department of Health secretary Francisco Duque III. He joined Codename: Asero then LaLola. He was last seen in LaLola, in which he portrayed the character "Billy". [2]

Cielo was found dead on December 7, 2008 by his mother, who went to his room in their house in Antipolo City around 6 in the morning to wake him up for a charity event. He was 20 years of age. An initial report says that he died in his sleep.

According to a statement from the TV network, Cielo’s mother, Mildred, went into her son’s room in their house in Antipolo City to wake him up at around 6 a.m.

When Cielo did not respond, Mildred rushed him to the nearby Antipolo Doctor’s Hospital where the actor was declared dead on arrival around 10 in the morning, the statement added.

At present time, the cause of Cielo’s death remains unknown as his family is still waiting for his medical records to be released.

2009 Lover's In Paris TBA
2008 LaLola Billy Lobregat
2008 Dear Friend Jerome
2008 Codename: Asero Troy / Agent Beatbox
2008 Kalam: GMA News and Public Affairs Host
2008 Sine Novela: Kaputol Ng Isang Awit Eric Valderama
2007-2008 Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan Alexis Lorenzo / Zaido Green/Sigma
2007 Boys Nxt Door Buboy/Mario Alberto Almante
2007 Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki (voice only)
2007 Asian Treasures Mateo Madrigal
2006-2008 SOP host/performer
2006 Bakekang Miguelito "Michael" Dimayacyac
2006 Fantastikids: Season 2 Daniel Trinidad
2006 Encantadia: Pag-Ibig Hanggang Wakas Arman
2006 Magpakailanman (Marky Cielo Life Story) Himself
2006 Startalk: StruckAttack Regular Guest/host
2006 SOP Gigsters host/performer
2006 Love to Love: Young At Heart Joe
2006 Fantastikids Daniel Trinidad
2005-2006 StarStruck: The Nationwide Invasion Ultimate Male Survivor/Sole Survivor

To all the family and relatives of Marky Cielo, condolence.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Money War

New telebabad by GMA, a Koreanovela translated into Filipino/tagalog

This new telebabad is the replacement for My Husband's Woman which ended last Friday, Dec 5. i still do not know what the story about but I think it is about a man and a woman who desperately needed money and want it badly...

Here are some of the details:

Broadcasting company: SBS
Official Website :
TV Premiere: 2007.05.16 in Korea
TV Premiere: 2008.12.08
Production : screenwriter- Lee Hyang Hee
Director: Jang Tae-yoo
Main Casts : Park Shin-yang, Park Jin-hee, Shin Dong-wook, Kim Jung-hwa
Running Time per Episode : 60 mins
Total Episodes : 16 eps For SBS Photo Gallery from this drama : Click Here
For SBS Wallpaper from this drama : Click Here

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Meta for mybloglog

This post is for mybloglog meta

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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Updated: Dec 20, 2008


Unang Hirit---
3 hours and 15 minuites

Unang Hirit
1:30 minutes
Ghost Fighter
---30 minutes
---30 minutes
---1:00 minutes
---30 minutes
Eat Buluga
---2:30 minutes
Una Kang Naging Akin
Saan Darating Ang Umaga
Tinderella (Daisy Siete)
---1 hour
Be Strong Geum Soon
Family Feud
24 Oras
Luna Mystica
---30-45 minutes
---30-45 minutes
La Lola
Money War
Ripley's Believe it or not
Mondays only
Full Force Nature
Tuesdays only
Wednesdays only

Unang Hirit
1 hour 30 min
Kakasa Kaba Sa Grade 5

Bitoy's Funiest Videos
---1 hour
Kapuso Jessica Soho

Under construction....please bear with me....
This schedule is not yet accurate... I still need to check the actual time based on my watch, or Manila time. Thank you for waiting and understanding.

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About this blog

This blog is about the shows in GMA7. This blog is not an official GMA 7 and this is not created by GMA staff. I am simple person, certified Kapuso and I watch GMA 7 a couple of hours a day. Sometimes when I watch TV, comments regarding the show is inevitable and more often I find it hard to tell or express those comments or suggestions or any other with regards to that so I have created this blog for that purposes.

I am a GMA Network avid watcher, a certified Kapuso, though I also watch a few times on other TV networks like 'the family', 'keberks' and other non cable-only channels, I spend much more time watching GMA 7.


Since I am a Kapuso and I do watch TV several hours a day. I will talk about my comments, reactions and any sharings regarding what I see in TV. It may be a possitive response to the show or negative ( I do criticize sometimes especially when I see something I don't agree or against my beliefs or any thing related to that). I am also going to talk about my likes and dislikes (if any) and to share my insights. The scope is too vivid... :)


I am a human person, I do sleep, eat, go out somewhere, rest once in a while, work, wash the dishes, do the laundry, feed the pig, and the dog, sometimes the cat (if around since the cat we have is a stray cat, which means she has no master or owner or what ever you call it), I go to the bathroom to take a bath, change my clothes, go to school, go to work, et cetera, Peter Cetera! What do I mean, I mean that I cannot be online 24 hours a day, or watch tv 24 hours a day. I am not a machine neither I am not many, and this blog is managed by one person only and that is me alone. With that respect, I cannot provide emmidiate post or I could most probably miss anything or many things. So pardon me for that. I also update this blog too slow!

In the first weekof this blog, I have concentrated on the layout, that is to say, the template of this blog so that it would look nice and readable. I hope it looks nicer in others eyes other than mine. In the next preceeding weeks or on its first month, I have concentrated on the content, the shows and the tv programs and also provided links to simplify its readability so that viewers of this blog will have an easy navigation to its content.

I will still add more information about this blog later...

visit this blog more often if you are also Kapuso.

For more information, suggestions, comments, violent reactions, please email me at these email addresses:

Yahoo ID: piojunbabia
Skype ID: pio.jun.babia

Pio Jun Babia
Administrator - GMA7SHOW.BLOG

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