Friday, July 3, 2009

Micheal Jackson's Death

Who among us do not recognize the very famous singer and dancer? Well he is not really my favorite but I have his songs as my favorite. Not just a favorite but one of my all time favorite.

Before I will say the title of my favorite song, I would like to tell you also that I am not very much emotional on his death. In fact I was not shocked when the news came that he was dead. However, yes! I do admire him but he is not the best for me, neither I do not see him as someone to be "idolized". The simple fact is that I just like his high pitched voice especially when he was still young.

Now, the title of the song I liked very much in which he was the original singer, maybe he wrote that is the..... DRUM BEATS....
1. One Day in Your Life and BETTER VERSION
2. Ben (go look for it in youtube)

I give emphases on these two songs because even before when I was young, I still do not even know who sang these songs, I already liked them. The melody and its rhythm is truly appealing to me ears and this I really love these songs. There are also other songs I liked from him but these two are the best for me.This only proves my melancholy.

Still I would give tribute to his very rare talent!

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