Friday, February 27, 2009

Eat Bulaga - Sa Pula, Sa Puti

Sa Pula, Sa Puti - or in direct translation in English For the Red, For the White (email me for more accurate translation) This is a game show, question and answer game show with simple questions under some categories, which is usually showed in the first slot of Eat Buluga, sometimes takes the second slot. This game show is played by two groups with five members each, group vs group vary everyday according to topic. At first each member of each group are given a quick pre-introduction first, sometimes none. During the game, a contestant from both group have to show some talents to the viewers whether singing, acting or any talent they would like to show one at a time. Then both contestant, after showing their own talents will be on platform with buzzers. Questions are asked by EB dabarkads and who ever can answer first will have one point added to their respective group. Which group will ever have 3 points first will proceed to jackpot round.

In Jackpot round, is a message relay where each member will stay at one post in the stage. One player will read a question for few seconds. After that, they have one minute orr 60 seconds to relay the answer. The reader will pass the answer to the first one in the row but if he doesnt know the answer, then he has to relay the question and pass on to the next members until the message will reach to the last person. The last person will write the correct answer with correct speeling to the display board. If they hit the correct answer with correct spelling, they will win the jackpot prize, otherwise the jackpot prize will be sent to some schoo or orphanage or will be donated to some Non Government Organization. email me for corrections or leave comments.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Golfreisen - Golf Holidays

Many of our local celebrities here do play golf. I know most of you can name some. Most of them are famous and rich like business men and politicians and hey do not forget celebrities. We do not have a team here in the Philippines that represent our country to play globally but we also have good golf players. Unfortunately, I can not name one. Besides, I do not know how to play golf as well. Though we have plenty of golf ranges in the country or even in our local cities, I still have not managed to learn it since learning golf is so expensive.

The internet provides us with different ways to learn on how to play golf and include there suggestions for good golf ranges and suggestions for golf clubs and balls for perfect playing condition. Include there a bunch of techniques and styles for perfect swing. I knew some websites that focuses solely on the game, golf. Golfreisen is a German word which means golf holidays. The website I am talking about is in German language, but we can always translate it to any language we want. Internet can do that for us. Now, these websites namely Golfreisen , Golf Reisen , and Golfurlaub are websites that talks about golf. Anything related to golf is in them from selling to suggestions. They have golf shop, golf news and golf vacations. They also teach golf and everything, like I said; they tackle things solely about golf. So visit their websites now.

The website they have is in German language, which most of us cannot understand. I can help you with that. Visit the site of google translate. Visit this or simply Then copy the website’s url and paste it in the text field of google translate website. Make sure to select German to English to have a correct result. Or you can just put in “detect language” then hit “Translate” Then you are done. Happy Golfreisen!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow Mali

The revival of Wow Mali, finally aired this Sunday evening, February 22, 2009 with familiar setup. As usual hosted by Mr Joey de Leon, it was funnier than ever. Practical joke, actual gag show along the streets with random people as victims.

Wow Mali has become the Original Philippine practical gag show aired over ABC (Associated Broadcasting Company) Now TV5. It has been imitated several times by different directors and television channel. "Victim" by ABS CBN and even GMA's Yari Ka by Micheal V. took the idea from this show and a lot more. I see this as a potential rival/counterpart of Yari Ka!, since they have almost the same set up. Though they do not have the same timeslot, (with Wow Mali and Bitoy's Funniest Viedeo, where Yari Ka is shown) I still can see rivalry. Jeoy de Leon and Micheal V are good friends, infact they are both in our favorite noon time show Eat Bulaga. IDK... what do you think?

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bubble Gang

Bubble Gang is my favorite gag show. I have been watching this ever since I was young. Though I can no longer recall the past gags made by them in the past, I could still recall some of the gags which tickles me some times.

When I was still in grade 5(1995), I enjoyed watching Tropang Trumpo in ABC 5. I could not forget the Smokey Manaloto (one of Tropang Trumpo's cast) singing and dancing "Caronia" immitating the edvertisement of Coronia, a nail polish. I have fun watching them. I was young then and on that same year about October, Bubble Gang was aired to counterpart Tropang Trumpo. They almost have the same programs. The main casts who are pioneer of the show are Ogie Alcasid, Micheal V, Antonio AquitaƱa and Wendell Ramos. Diego and Myka came in later and the rest came in a few years ago.

Exerpts from
Bubble Gang first aired on GMA Network on October 1995 as a counterpart to ABC's gag show Tropang Trumpo. The show occupied the Friday night timeslot of the now-defunct musical variety show "Vilma! on Seven". Two of its first cast members; Ogie Alcasid and Michael V. came from that show. GMA hired two talents from ace talent manager, Douglas Quijano Wendell Ramos and Antonio Aquitania. During its first year, it was shown around 7:00 in the evening and carried a slogan "Bubble Gang: Just chew it!"

Regular cast members

  • Ogie Alcasid (1995-present)
  • Michael V. (1995-present)
  • Wendell Ramos (1995-present)
  • Antonio Aquitania (1995-present)
  • Rufa Mae Quinto (1999-present)
  • Maureen Larrazabal (2002-present)
  • Boy2 Quizon (2004-present)
  • Diana Zubiri (2004-present)
  • Francine Prieto (2005-present)
  • Diego Llorico (1996-present)
  • Mykah (1997-present)
  • James "Moymoy" Obeso (2008-present)
  • Rodfil "Roa
more information on

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Art Angel

Art Angel is a kiddie educational show that provides good time for kids in television and it aims to promote art as a art as accessible and doable and fun to do as well. Art Angel is aired every Saturday mornings on GMA Network hosted by Pia Archangel and Tonipet Gaba.

Awards and recognitions exerts from

  • Silver Award, Los Angeles International TV & Film Festival 2007, Los Angeles, California.
  • Winner, Best Children's Show, PMPC Star Awards for TV (2007 & 2008).
  • Winner, Best Children's Show Hosts (Pia Archangel, Tonypet Gaba & Krystal Reyes), PMPC Star Awards for TV (2007 & 2008).
  • Awarded as top 10's Most Well-Liked Programs for TV, Anak TV Seal Awards (2007 & 2008)
When I was a kid, I love to watch Sesame Street where they also teach how to read and how to count. It was a good venue for kids to learn basic things as part of the things they need to know as a learning student. I remember there that they teach counting with fun by way of singing while counting numbers. Now this newer TV show by GMA, is also a newer way to teach children by way of art. They are taught how to do arts and might trigger artistic talent. Art Angel for me should be promoted and I am sure that many children will love to watch this show. Even me having this age enjoy the show as well. Thanks for reading. Comments please..

Another exerpts from

ART ANGEL is a 30-minute educational TV show for children aged 6-12 years old which aims to promote art as accessible and doable and fun to do as well.

Now celebrating its first year anniversary, the program is hosted by Ate Pia Arcangel, a lovable, friendly, and inspiring art muse and her wacky but highly imaginative co-host Kuya Tonipet Gaba. Their mission: to bring color and joy to all children by inspiring them to be creative and taking them to different art adventures.

Each episode revolves around a central theme and features regular segments done in the huge Art Angel tambayan in GMA’s Studio 2:

MAIN PROJECT features an exciting, easy-to-do art project. As Ate Pia and Kuya Tonipet give a simple step-by-step demo, Gelo, the angel dog, acts out his zany remarks as the cautious Teka-Muna Angel pops in every now and then to give safety reminders.

SARI-SARING OBRA features guest celebrities and fantastic characters (sirena, manananggal, siyokoy, diwata, superhero, etc.) doing simple arts and crafts projects with Ate Pia.

PINTADO is a guessing game-basic drawing instructional rolled into one! Pintado, the painted hand, is joined by Kuya Tonipet.

MUNTING KAMAY is a send-in portion where kids are encouraged to send in their drawings and other artworks.

HAND-ON THEATER is a mime/black theater portion of the program that features a pair of artistic hands doing all sorts of art projects from simple materials and recyclable items.

ART-A-MINUTE! is the newest segment of the show. It features real-time art demo wherein Ate Pia and Kuya Tonipet take turns in doing the challenge to create an art project in exactly one minute.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009


hosted by Mike Enriquez

IMBESTIGADOR is a public affairs and investigative TV program in GMA7 hosted by Mlke Enriquez, one of the leading news anchor in the country, that tackles anomalies fraudulent activities, crimes, corruptions and akin within the Philippines territory. It aims to help people find justice to their own concerns and to provide Philippine TV a glimpse of criminal truth within Filipino blood (A thirst of greed and selfishness) and some problems that we are dealing in our society. Though it does not only pertain to Filipinos, foreign criminals are not of the exception.

This show, created by GMA News and Public Affairs preceeded by Brigada Siete started last August 2, 2000 in which complaints are entertained. For mor information and if you would like to contact them at

Official Website

Recent Episode today February 7, 2009:
want to watch this episode? link in here courtesy of

It began with very casual crime scene reports, which continues to be the usual focus. Various crimes were featured, including kidnapping, slavery, child abuse, and various drug-related crimes. They were equipped with hidden cameras for doing entrapment operations with the help of the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Justice. (excerpts from
From crime reports, Imbestigador expanded into an all around investigative show. It now also features various societal problems such as corruption, problems in local governments, and illegal activities. It also has done special reports regarding poverty, honesty, cleanliness, education, wasted public funds, youths, and public health and safety. It also honored the late Pope John Paul II when Mike Enriquez did a special coverage regarding the late pope's funeral. He also acted as a quiz master regarding the report of education, which reported the education system is weakening. On their fifth anniversary special, the show acted as "Santa Claus" by giving computers to each police station in Metro Manila. It has also featured out of the country specials (in the United States, Japan, Italy, Singapore, France, and Germany). (excerpts from

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lalola is in its last week. In fact today is the second to the last episode and tomorrow will be the last one. I am getting excited on what will about to happen in the next episode. Although I have already figured out what will happen next, I am still waiting to see its next scenes.

The latter episodes of Lalola is quite predictable now. Here is my intuition on what will happen next. Miss S, the mother of Lola/Lalo, as seen in the "Abangan Bukas" went to the funeral of Don Aguirre but she found out that Don Aguirre is still alive. Lola became the hostage of Gaston after knowing that it was Gaston who is the mastermind of killing Don Aguirre. Miss S. told Don Aguirre that Lola is her son and eventually told her that Lola is Lalo, etc... you all know that. But in the next episode tonight and tomorrow, Lola will decide not to become Lalo and marry Facundo. She will also be accepted as by her grandfather Don Aguirre as his grandchild Lalo or Lola. Lola will inherit the riches of her grandfather Don Aguirre and will also become the owner of Distelleria Lobregat and also La Premera. Lola will become so rich will Facundo as her husband. She will live a happy life being Lola. Julia will become a good sister of Lola. Gaston will gnash his teeth in the prison cell. Gricelda will also be in prison. Mattias and Oreng will get married. Gary will become a loser when it comes to love. Who else I'm forgetting.?

Watch out tonight and tomorrow night for the grand finale of Lalola. Up coming is the original version of Lalola which I think is a Mexican origin. Thank you for reading. Comments please.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang

Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang

Premiered today, this new teledrama directed by Joyce Bernal is quite an interesting drama. This is not only a drama but also action and suspense including underworld, crime and thriller. A good combination by its creator Carlo J Caparas and the director herself would lead this show at the top. I don't really understand what underworld really means but me while watching its few first minutes found it a little comedy though I am not that sure. This story is about a man named Homer, a psychologist with a boring life, and his patient Proserfina - a man-hater and a serial killer who murdered those she had had a relationship with. The two will eventually develop feelings for one another. But will Prosefina's new found love heal her hatred for men?

With a total of 80 episodes, this show I think will have a good rating since the hottest love team today, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is making a quite good feed backs from their avid fans. The love story between the two will eventually end up in a real relationship since the two celebrities are showing good signs of mutual relationships based on what we see in the celebrity news on TV.

Make sure you watch your favorite Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang Premiered today February 2, 2009 right after Gagambino.

Main cast

* Dingdong Dantes as Homer Alcaraz
* Marian Rivera as Proserfina Ledesma
* Angelu de Leon as Helene
* Paolo Contis as Rado

Extended cast

* Eugene Domingo as Madel
* Carmi Martin as Hera Alcaraz
* Francine Prieto as Sheila
* Sherilyn Reyes as Galatea
* Lovi Poe as Athena
* Mart Escudero as Ulysses
* Jackie Rice as Cassandra Alcaraz
* Prince Stefan as Aristotle Alcaraz
* Alyssa Alano as Citas
* Carlene Aguilar as Clarisse
* Paolo Paraiso as Mike
* Kevin Santos as Jason
* Boom Labrusca as Greg

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