Monday, December 8, 2008


About this blog

This blog is about the shows in GMA7. This blog is not an official GMA 7 and this is not created by GMA staff. I am simple person, certified Kapuso and I watch GMA 7 a couple of hours a day. Sometimes when I watch TV, comments regarding the show is inevitable and more often I find it hard to tell or express those comments or suggestions or any other with regards to that so I have created this blog for that purposes.

I am a GMA Network avid watcher, a certified Kapuso, though I also watch a few times on other TV networks like 'the family', 'keberks' and other non cable-only channels, I spend much more time watching GMA 7.


Since I am a Kapuso and I do watch TV several hours a day. I will talk about my comments, reactions and any sharings regarding what I see in TV. It may be a possitive response to the show or negative ( I do criticize sometimes especially when I see something I don't agree or against my beliefs or any thing related to that). I am also going to talk about my likes and dislikes (if any) and to share my insights. The scope is too vivid... :)


I am a human person, I do sleep, eat, go out somewhere, rest once in a while, work, wash the dishes, do the laundry, feed the pig, and the dog, sometimes the cat (if around since the cat we have is a stray cat, which means she has no master or owner or what ever you call it), I go to the bathroom to take a bath, change my clothes, go to school, go to work, et cetera, Peter Cetera! What do I mean, I mean that I cannot be online 24 hours a day, or watch tv 24 hours a day. I am not a machine neither I am not many, and this blog is managed by one person only and that is me alone. With that respect, I cannot provide emmidiate post or I could most probably miss anything or many things. So pardon me for that. I also update this blog too slow!

In the first weekof this blog, I have concentrated on the layout, that is to say, the template of this blog so that it would look nice and readable. I hope it looks nicer in others eyes other than mine. In the next preceeding weeks or on its first month, I have concentrated on the content, the shows and the tv programs and also provided links to simplify its readability so that viewers of this blog will have an easy navigation to its content.

I will still add more information about this blog later...

visit this blog more often if you are also Kapuso.

For more information, suggestions, comments, violent reactions, please email me at these email addresses:

Yahoo ID: piojunbabia
Skype ID: pio.jun.babia

Pio Jun Babia
Administrator - GMA7SHOW.BLOG



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